Harte Hanks Forms Marketing Advisory Board


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Harte Hanks Forms Marketing Advisory Board

Harte Hanks Marketing Advisory Board to Serve as Resource for Marketing Community on Best Practices and Critical Business Issues

AUSTIN, TX – January 13, 2016 – Harte Hanks (NYSE: HHS), a leader in developing customer relationships, experiences and defining interaction-led marketing, announced today the formation of the Harte Hanks Marketing Advisory Board, a group of academic and C-level professionals who focus on emerging marketing issues and progressive marketing practices.

The newly formed advisory board consists of marketing academic professionals with strong ties to the real-world issues facing today’s CMO’s. The mission of the Marketing Advisory Board will be to serve as a third-party resource for C-level and marketing executives globally, as well as provide insights and thought leadership commentary on key industry issues, trends and technologies.

The Harte Hanks Marketing Advisory Board will be comprised of the following members:

  • Ken Bernhardt, Regents Professor of Marketing Emeritus at Georgia State University. Mr. Bernhardt will serve as the Chairman of the Harte Hanks Marketing Advisory Board
  • Katherine Lemon, Accenture Professor, Carroll School of Management, Boston College and Executive Director, Marketing Science Institute
  • Kimberly Whitler, Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  • John Deighton, Baker Foundation Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School
  • Scott Neslin, Albert Wesley Frey, Professor of Marketing at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College
“Harte Hanks has a passion for strengthening marketing’s prominence at the CEO table,” said Karen Puckett, CEO and President, Harte Hanks. “The growth of competition in nearly every industry, combined with technological innovation, has thrown many CMO’s into fight-or-flight mode. Our goal at Harte Hanks is to help enhance the marketing profession in such a way that CMOs climb back into the seat of driving strategy formulation and execution planning. The members of the Harte Hanks’ Marketing Advisory Board will be at the forefront of marketing best practices and issues, providing strategic insight and new perspectives to marketing professionals.

The Harte Hanks Marketing Advisory Board will meet regularly with the Harte Hanks executive team to discuss real-world and practical issues facing CMOs and marketers. The Marketing Advisory Board members will also speak at industry conferences and collaborate on thought leadership pieces such as white papers, articles and blog content.

“I look forward to discussing critical issues facing marketers today and identifying innovative approaches for Harte Hanks to embrace,” said Katherine Lemon, Harte Hank’s Marketing Advisory Board member.

“The Harte Hanks Marketing Advisory Board represents our commitment to driving thought leadership and world class marketing practices,” said Frank Grillo, CMO, Harte Hanks. “Our board members are some of the brightest minds in marketing today, and I am honored to be working with this talented group of professionals to elevate and promote the strategic impact of marketing.”


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